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2017 Truffledigger
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Truffledigger - Find the Unique

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Lobmeyr Porzellan, Glasware
Hering Porzellan, Tableware
Claus Porto, eau de cologne, soaps
Super Duper hats
Yuketen shoes
Drake's pocket square, ties
L.G.R sunglasses
BARK Jackets
Crombie Coats






For an individual lifestyle. Without ifs and buts. 

When quality means more to you than a trademark logo you will be instantly inspired  by the Truffledigger concept. For Truffledigger carries not only qualitatively valuable brands but more so products which are in no way inferior to well-known top designers - with the difference that the focus lies on first class materials and exceptional manufacture instead of branding. An aesthetic which sets benchmarks. Thanks to this unique concept we offer - apart from our exclusive single pieces - a first class selection of Apparel, Jewellery/Accessories, Bags/Luggage, Interior/Design/Fine Arts and Toys in our Online Concept Store. We hope that you discover something for yourself which makes your lifestyle a little more  “unique“. Should you feel that a product is missing or not be satisfied with the quality please let us know. 



Selected materials, exceptional manufacture and a great love of detail: there are many good reasons to look around the fashion area in Truffledigger. The best is certainly the great diversity of material. For the summer you will find comfortable colourful Aspiga leather sandals for ladies, which were made by hand in Kenya by the local people who so earn their living. Of course you will also find a matching belt or bouch bag in our collection.

For men we offer Crombie's superb polo shirts. The secret of their quality is the double mercerized cotton: fine, long-staple yarns are used to create a soft yet durable jersey that will hold its shape after repeated wear and washing. 

On the one hand we recommend the wonderfully soft and comfortably warm Alpaca Kimono for woman from Hanson for the winter and on the other hand a sporty knitted duffle coat from Bark, which is eminently suitable for the après-ski season. Truffledigger also offers a trenchcoat from Crombie for men which  next to being absolutely waterproof also possesses the advantage of British understatement (in contrast to many of its Gore Tex adaptions). The shoes from Yuketen have also just arrived. Truffledigger for Women moreover is distinguished by an absolutely exquisite assortment of fine cashmere goods from Colombo. The beauty of these pieces is, that you only seldom find them in this quality. And the classic, ingenious cut ensures that you have the longest possible joy from it. Then as they say: Style never goes out of fashion. 



If clothes make the man, accessories accentuate the personality. And as everyone does this in their own way, there is also a multitude of possibilities for this at Truffledigger.  Our assortment ranges from out of the ordinary Fashion  Jewelery, sumptious Silk and Cashmere Scarves from Oyuna or relatively  Drake’s, through stylish  Sunglasses from L.G.R up to extravagant Hats from Superduper for men or women. The Bronze Fasion Jewelery  from Guila Barela undoubtedly provides one of the most beautiful examples for the  “Find the unique“ philosophy. The Roman designer designs artistic filigree bracelets, necklaces and earrings which with their shapes evoke ancient jewelery pieces. And also reflect witty ideas at the same time. As e.g. the Earrings Orient or Paranthesis.  A further designer is Patricia von Tauffkirchen whose work we would like to present. As Gulia Barela Ms. von Tauffkirchen also always combines fashion jewelery with a surprising idea. Her  Silver Fashion Jewelery  e.g.  “Chaos & Harmony“  consists of a multitude of woven silver circlets (925 sterling silver), which are inseparably combined – just as the eternal circle of life. Leather bracelets from Saami,  either available of lamb or reindeer leather, are carefully hand-crafted according to the tradition of the Saami people, and create a perfect blend of past, present and future. A further highlight is the Sunglasses from L.G.R. These unique frames, to the chagrin of the purists in our house are becoming increasingly popular with international film stars and celebrities. That makes them a little less “unique“   but luckily does not change the beauty of their shape. Those who are astonished why so many men have beards today should first of all look at their razors. The electric beard trimmer is despite its in many ways questionable design represented in every bathroom in the meantime. Even when the start of a counter-culture only represents wishful thinking: the exclusive Men’s Grooming Sets from Taylor of Old Bondstreet, with our recommendation has taken the first step.  A further classic ensures a no less masculine appearance. This time from the Claus Porto company.  The  Shaving Foam Musgo Real has been the epitome of style and southern masculinity since the 20s.  



Practical container or stylish accessory?  Why or? The weekender Hold me close from Dante Goods and Bads, is a perfect synthesis of spacious travel bag and fashionable It bag. This doesn’t just lie in the artistic hide trimming which makes the bag from Milan absolutely   “unique“. The Handbags from ofantique, which we have discovered on Bali are no less “unique“, albeit with a completely different quality. Precious antique silk material from Laos and China was reworked into modern handbags for Lab Vintage and Lab antique. The result of this culture crossing really struts (and carries) its stuff.  It demonstrates that fashion recycling also from an extraordinary view, works well. One or the other of you may wonder why we carry luggage items from Filson, when the brand (and rightly so) has been no stranger for a long time. We have to say at this point that it will be difficult for the modern frequent traveller to find an alternative which provides a similar unobtrusive, functional design and an almost indestructible robustness. That the Large Leather Tote-Bag is made from  Horween Leather, (long since known as the name  Horween Shell Cordovan for the adept around the globe as the best horse leather for shoes)  is only half-mentioned to make it complete. What we like so much about the Horween philosophy is: “Making the best means doing many little things right“.  The  Twill Wheeled Carry On is one of the favorite hand baggage pieces from Truffledigger on trips around the globe. The Twill Laptop Bag from Filson too made from 22 oz. waxed cotton material brings its owner joy for a long time. You can even check in the bag as luggage due to its protective lining – which the laptop bag would probably survive better than the laptop in it. iPad Cases are literally ten a penny. So it was even more difficult to find a convincing solution. The Travelteq meets two important demands for this: you can simply stand it up (and for a long time) to watch videos and comfortably type on it. In contrast to many others of these covers, it can be closed with a practical ribbon. 



A comfortable home is seldom the result of meticulous planning. And it’s right that way because there is usually practically no space for changes. One of the consequences would be e.g. that you would not have room anywhere for Living Accessories such as the playful and yet strictly classic lamp design Nugget or Roaaar from the Munich designer  Phillip Rudolph. You couldn’t pleasurably browse in current architecture and interior design magazines or relatively the multitude of wonderful coffee table books from renowned (interior) designers – and imagine where the Fur Chair El Santo Libre from the Luxembourg designer Aylin Langreuther  and the industrial designer  Christophe de la Fontaine (Dante Goods and Bads) goes best. The harness function can be most honestly described tongue in cheek as “very meta“; as they create their wealth of shapes from the world of the creator of the Divine Comedy. The work from the Slovenian designer Nica Zupanc which we have selected for the Truffledigger assortment is less provocative, rather delicate and feminine:  Konstantin B is a filigree toy car design and perhaps one of the most entertaining accents which can be set in a room. Setting accents can be done comfortably too. Those who appreciate French esprit, should look at the sofa cushions from Vox Populi. Even when acquaintance with your own ancestor would probably lead to strife in your own house, these exquisite pieces are an absolute eye-catcher. The table ware of the traditional manufacturer Lobmeyr in Vienna is mouth blown and polished by hand. Just put the glasses, beer tumblers or the champagne cooler on your table and they literally shine there.


“Children playing are a living joy“.  And a well-earned breather for sometimes very badgered parents you would like to add inwardly to Schiller’s bon mot.  Waking and encouraging the drive to play and discover in a child is perhaps one of the most difficult things of all. But for a change it works without Lego or Playmobil, as Authentic Models shows in an amazingly simple way with its nostalgic games. A busy quietness quickly comes into the house with a Pirate Package plus Treasure Map, an  Assembly Kit for a Boat in a Bottle, or the instructions for  Seaman’s Knots. Naturally a Tattoo Set for the  little budding pirates isn’t missing either. The models from Sirch support the little ones‘ zest for action completely differently. The really beautifully shaped Push Car Max is exceptionally suitable for a good romp – differently than the tried and trusted Bobby Car being made from a curved piece of wood (just as the trailer Lorette too). And – the residents amongst you– will be grateful; the  Max tyres are provided with noise reducing rubber. The wooden rocking toy Olga is, concerning the point of making noise, beyond all doubt .