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Blue Woman by Gladys Kalichini - stArt Foundation

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Blue Woman by Gladys Kalichini - stArt Foundation

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Gladys explores the theme of an African Geisha in ‘Blue Woman’

Gladys Kalichini is a visual artist who was born in Chingola, Zambia in 1989. She began her primary education in Botswana, and then later transferred to Zambia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Degree) in Economics and minored in Demography (Population Studies) from the University of Zambia. She explored and acquired an introduction to art as a profession through apprenticeship at the Arts Academy Without Walls beginning in 2008. She served for Insaka Artists’ International Trust as the coordinator’s secretary in 2008. She is also the recipient of the Julia Malunga Ngoma award for best female visual artist for the years 2010 and 2012.
Gladys Kalichini is a contemporary painter who draws great inspiration from the things around her including poetry and history. She is fascinated by the social and cultural dynamics which she subtly incorporates in her works. As an artist, she uses her art to bring attention to many social inadequacies especially the minimum female participation in the Zambian contemporary art scene. She finds strength in the stories of phenomenal women both past and present and therefore pays tribute to them by the designed female silhouette that is dominant in most of her works.
She works from the Lusaka showground in the Academy studios. She is a member of art4art which is a non-governmental organization which uses art to bring about social change in various communities. During her first year at the University of Zambia, she worked as a volunteer at Lubuto library where she facilitated homeless, vulnerable and economically challenged children in the art of painting. She further worked with disabled children at the Lusaka National Museum under Insaka International Trust. She is one of the 10 Zambian artists that worked with Marte Johnsslein for the African Guenica project. Her art was shown on Emergent Art Space in San Francisco, USA (www.emergentartspace.com) for their very first show themed ‘Crossing Borders’. She has also participated in many other various workshops and exhibitions.
As an artist, she believes that creative forms can be used not just to express beauty but also address a larger message which will not only attract the eye but also intrigue and inspire the viewer. She believes that her art should encourage her audience to receive the message communicated by her art and reciprocate by giving opinions and apply their intellect. Art should not only be viewed, but celebrated.

• Created: 2013
• Acrylic on canvas
• Size: 79 x 91cm

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A stylish and elegant painting that is sure to create a special atmosphere, provide the setting for all manners of atmospheres, and generally provide the decorations that you need. Stand back, take a moment for yourself and look at this painting. What do you see? What do you feel? These are the 2 most important questions that you should be asking yourself every single time that you get the chance to. This is how you look at something, not just art. This is how you know if something truly touches and inspires you further, making you not only feel relaxed and calm, but also putting your brain to work, sparking that magical flame of imagination, and even giving you a small sense of knowledge and insight. This is what this painting is able to do. You just have to stand a bit back and take it all in, without getting lost in the apparent first glimpse. Just ask yourself those 2 questions and you will find your mind starting to run around, you will find your eyes scouting the most minor and insignificant of details, as well as your thoughts being centered and silenced, leaving you with the image at hand, alone and peaceful, ready to turn it around inside your head and experience it as it should of have been experienced by everyone.
size 79cm x 91cm
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