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Giulia Barela


Giulia Barella has fulfilled a dream of a lifetime. The former brilliant legal advisor for international relations has been making her own jewellery since 2010. She had previously managed a successful Boutique Hotel in Rome and trained as a goldsmith.

What makes a person successful in so many fields? The answer for Giulia Barella is: authenticity.

This is shown in her silver and bronze collections: her BTQ with serial production and ATELIER, where only single pieces are to be found. All the pieces of jewellery have however been produced with time-honoured craftsmanship in Italy and thus retain their individuality.

The fascination for unusual stones with distinctive surfaces is a feature of Giulia Barella‘s inimitable style. She often combines this with a filigree chain aesthetic. The result in some designs is absolutely breathtaking.

This jewellery artist blends echoes of the Etruscan civilisation with the timeless and international elegance of a “Lady of Rome“.

“The jewellery which a woman wears should always tell a story as well“ according to the successful entrepreneur Giulia Barelli. A story of culture, craftsmanship, lifestyle. And “A piece of jewellery always becomes a jewel when it becomes part of your own life.“ That is her credo.

Giulia Barella with her jewellery proves anew with every collection; Beauty – whether traditional or avant-garde – is the sister of authenticity.

Giulia Barela

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