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Even the biography of Oyuna Tseredorj alludes to crossing boundaries. The company founder and designer for OYUNA grew up in Mongolia and first worked in Hungary and Paris to then settle in London: the city which is constantly re-inventing itself.

Her ideas for one of the most precious fashion materials in the world: cashmere also cross boundaries. She only uses cashmere yarn from her native country the Mongolian interior for a clientele which demands uncompromising design and quality. She sources this cashmere from there which wraps around the body like a gentle second skin.

Almost every thread of her cashmere wool comes from old established traditional producers whose wool fibre is from free range goats. The herders and nomads have consistently refined the production of this natural product for thousands of years. Thus a super smooth, wonderfully soft to the touch material came about with which Oyuna makes her heady designs.

Her travel throws are iconographic which remind you that the Mongolian warriors and herders had already known how to protect themselves against the harshness of the landscape and climate with the wool of these wild Tibetan goats. Not a bad precondition for London’s foggy weather and the cold winters in Europe and America. You can also use them as a shawl and a travel blanket.

OYUNA with her collection of fine knitted and woven throws and exquisite clothing also transcends fashion boundaries, which so often separate the useful from the beautiful. In doing this, she succeeds in something wonderful: she unites the nature-oriented steppes‘ nomads of yore with the elegant city nomads of today.

Not betraying her wild roots and nevertheless meeting the demands of high class luxury makes the OYUNA design ethos so unique.


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