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Understatement is often a sign of great classiness. This is certainly the case with the products from the SIRCH company. The first glance at their toys is already enough to act as proof of their classiness. There is no need for a further description. We quote their homepage as proof of this manufacturer’s understatement:

“Sirch has developed in the last thirty years from the craft traditions of coachbuilding to a modern industrial enterprise whose manufacturing processes focus on the serial production of a varied range of wooden goods. This includes basic packaging goods such as palettes and chests, sports goods such as toboggans up to furniture and our range of toys. Based in southern Germany's Alpine foothills, the company currently employs a workforce of about ninety on a production site of around 10,000 square metres: the production facility was designed by the architects baumschlager + eberle from the Vorarlberg region whose traditional design concept with radical construction methods feature time and again in the international press.”


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