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Daniel Hanson Dressing Gown Alpaca for Ladies

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100% alpaca
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About this product
Classical stylish ladies dressing gown. Lovingly designed details characterize this noble dressing gown. Perfectly cut, the soft Alpaca hugs the body.

• Natural ecru colour
• 100% Baby Alpaca
• Unlined
• Net weight 1.1 kg
More Information
A dressing gown for those intimate times in the boudoir alongside your special other. A dressing gown designed and created for sheer pleasure and teasing, as well as comfort and elegance, even though the setting is a private one. Looking for that exotic thrill? A way to ignite the flames of passion, and enhance the mystery and seductiveness of your voluptuous body, for those special moments in the boudoir? There are a lot of ways to achieve this, however if you really want to get the most out of it, you will undoubtedly be looking for a lot of elegance as well. Something that ignites the flames of imagination in your man’s head, while keeping a seemingly innocent façade, and an elegant presence with it. The most convenient, and at the same time reliable, way to do this is through the use of one of the most concealing yet enticing female outfits available, the dressing gown by Daniel Hanson. It is designed to offer as much comfort and as many thrills as it can. The strong stitches, the fine weaving and the elegance that cover this garment from top to bottom are something to die for, and the feeling that you get while wearing it, will do nothing other than increase the passion and seductiveness of that sexy atmosphere.
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