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Giulia Barela Bronze Pendant Sole

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Giulia Barela Bronze Pendant Sole

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About this product
Giulia Barela Jewellery is for the woman who loves objects that have a story to tell. Culture, handed down craft and tradition determine this vivacious jewellery. This distinctive style, the return to the time-tested art of the goldsmith, and the use of unusual precious make it timeless and always ready to become part of the life of the woman who possesses it.
Every creation is entirely handcrafted in Italy, using renowned traditional artisanal techniques of high end jewellery. Therefore each piece maintains its own uniqueness.

• Bronze medallion
• Handmade in Rome / Italy
• Designed by Giulia Barela
More Information
This is a rather simple yet elegant necklace which is able to tell a story that not only frightens us, but also moves us into remembering what we once were before we strayed from the path. What is the role of a necklace? What is it meant to actually do? Is it just another piece of jewellery or another decoration or accessory that we use to adorn our apparel? Or is it something that puts us in front of everyone else? Something that makes us stand out, something that stirs up emotions and controversial feelings inside every time we look at it, or maybe something that is meant to tell a story? We here believe in the latter of the 2. Anything and everything is able to tell a story, regardless if we want to listen to it or not. The question is can we understand it? Look at this necklace, it’s called Sole by Giulia Barela, and see what story it manages to tell you. At first glance, sure it may not be a lot to look at, however do not underestimate it. The simplest of things often manage to tell us the most complex of stories. Sole in particular tells the story of not a person, nor an event, but rather of an entire culture that we often cannot see and understand because of our ignorance and our ever growing pace and speed. Believe it or not, this necklace tells our stories, all our hopes and dreams, all the simple pleasures that we once had and all the thoughts that once raced through our minds at rather young ages, and how we managed to overtake them and go down paths that we never wanted to go down in the first place. Indeed it is like an eye that gazes into the soul, and not just any soul, but our souls, the souls that we forgot about and all the things that we wanted to do but couldn’t because we got carried away. So step back, relax and listen to your story, as said by this rather simplistic but powerful necklace.
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