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SuperDuper Hat Nucky

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SuperDuper Hat Nucky

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100% straw
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About this product
SuperDuper was born out of a fun-loving passion after the discovery of a unique wooden hat blocker.
Since the very beginning the beauty of this object, so carefully carved, went together with love for the hat, an irreplaceable icon of style.

Every SuperDuper hat exists thanks to several hours spent to transform high quality raw material into an authentic handcraft product and is a creative jewel inspired by the suggestion of the moment. It is the handmade result of a traditional process, almost totally lost in the chaos of mass production nowadays.

• Panama Straw Hat
• Colour: Auburn
• Size: 58 cm head-circumference
• 100% handmade in Italy

More Information
This is a resilient and comfortably elegant hat, which can be worn with any formal or elegant outfit. When you hear “Nucky”, what do you think about? Small yet strong, compact yet roomy, rough but elegant, lightweight yet resistant and resilient in the face of nature’s most harsh and unforgiving elements. Believe it or not, that is what Nucky is, it’s not only a hat, it’s not a simple accessory for your outfits, it’s a hat that you know you can wear with pride and dignity, and know that it will never fail you, not even in the face of the worst of conditions. The Nucky, can be counted as one of the most defiend hats of the 20th century. It enjoyed nearly 50 years of success, being worn by everyone, from gangsters to businessmen, from oil tycoons to industrialists, and so on and so forth, for good reason. The style and shape of the hat define not the gentleman, but the man in general. The man which is not afraid to back down from anything in order to provide what needs to be provided for his family, while fulfilling his lifelong dream in the process. The Nucky is not a hat for all men, but a hat for strong men, tough men, men with strong convictions and willpower stronger than the ocean waves,, unmovable like mountains and wise in judgment. This is what you should be thinking of when you think of a “Nucky”, a man who will do what it takes, and go through hell and back then back again in order to reach his goals, dreams and aspirations. A Nucky is far more than a hat, a Nucky is a hat specifically designed for the real men that inhabit the real world.
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