One might almost think it would have been pure coincidence: But how a couple of vintage sunglasses of the 30’s came to be L.G.R Sunglasses, also has to do with a continent which in many ways influenced style for us: Africa.

Africa, till this day exercises a special fascination on travellers and explorers. However, in Lucca Gnecchi Ruscone’s case there was something else as well: a piece of family history.
Whilst visiting Asmara (Eritrea) Ruscone stumbled across a small box of unusual relics: vintage sunglasses from the 30s, which came from his grandfather Raffaello Bini’s photo and glasses business.
Thus Ruscone laid the foundation stone for L.G.R sunglasses in 2005. Glasses which with their simple elegance would even make staunch Persol wearers weak at the knees. Intricately hand-crafted from a material which can be beautifully patterned - as you can see Ruscone has instinctively followed the advice of John Ruskin: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.“
We would like to bring home to you with our small selection that Africa above all provides the stuff of remarkable discoveries. Whichever glasses you see them with: African colours, shapes and patterns are reflected everywhere in them. And that by the way is no different in modern art, fashion or design.

* If you are interested in this topic: Will Gombertz, the BBC Arts Editor, describes this "big bang" of art history wonderfully nimble in "What are you looking at?". An extract: ". „Picasso’s meeting with the masks caused one of the most fundamental shifts of all ... Les demoiselle d’Avignon is the painting that led to Cubism (...), abstract art and much much more. “



 Men’s Sunglasses “Luanda“, L.G.R

Men’s Sunglasses “Luanda“, L.G.R

Retro meets high tech: You don’t have to say much about the shape, only so much about the basic material cellulose acetate: it is one of the oldest tried and tested thermoplastic synthetic materials. And the specially hardened Zeiss lenses ensure optimum UV protection.

175 EUR 


Ladies‘ Sunglasses “Keren“,  polarised glasses, L.G.R

Ladies‘ Sunglasses “Keren“,
polarised glasses, L.G.R

Even when it is, in our view, a unisex pair of glasses: the polarised lenses reduce annoying reflections and make the colours appear fuller. We can also in all good conscience recommend it for the ski season.

240 EUR


 Leather Slipper, handmade, Morocco

Leather Slipper, handmade, Morocco

Comfortable, soft shoes for the (late) summer: here comes some with leather soles. And not as normal from rubber. For the purists amongst us.

89 EUR



Clay Busts, Niger

This time there is an example for Tribal Art lovers, which through artful pearlwork really sets itself apart from the masks and busts commonly made in one piece.

59 EUR


Leather Sandals “Ngao“, Aspiga

Leather Sandals “Ngao“, Aspiga

Restrained minimalism. Blue stands for energy, substance and no wonder there, heaven in the world of the Masai. The red stands for a warrior. So equally suitable for making a relaxed and energetic entry.

91 EUR


 Pumpkin, Clutch Talbot Runhof

Pumpkin, Clutch Talbot Runhof

A wonderful example of how geometric shapes, which you often find in African material patterns influence our designers too.

469 EUR



Tunic, Morocco

Light cotton material for hot summer days with enchanting embroidery and stand-up collars. Handmade.  

89 EUR


Carpet, Agave silk, Morocco

Carpet, Agave silk, Morocco

The influence of colour and use of shapes on modern art (e. g. Paul Klee) cannot be missed. By the way, the durability, luminance and robustness of threads spun from agave too.  

360 EUR



Leather Belt, Aspiga

This is with its small pearling a wonderful basic for your summer wardrobe.  

95 EUR


Fire extinguisher Giraffe, SAFE T by Truffledigger

Fire extinguisher, SAFE T

In giraffe look. The fully functional equipment meets the safety standard. And is a cult present, not only for yourself.  

99 EUR