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As the name Truffledigger suggests, we embark on the search for unique products primarily through aesthetic and timeless distinguished designs. Our aim is to offer a manageable assortment of fine handcrafted lifestyle products, as well as the sense of stability and security.

Awesome glasses seeing a beautiful Elephant

Away from overpriced brand name products, cheaper mass-produced copies control consciously against the trend. The Truffledigger assortment ranges from cashmere robe over avant-garde toys to gourmet delicacies, basically everything between functionality and sensual delight. Our motto is: Find what our customers really covet.

In this monthly editorial we will not only draw attention to our most recent excavations, but also point to their roots. Where we can often dig only on the surface, each and every one of you will surely have much deeper knowledge. We are happy to take on this task, and we are grateful for your suggestions, opinions and criticism without which we could not go forward. We want to improve ourselves, for you.

Truffledigger and Art

These products we love as Truffledigger art. And you should not be surprised by that. We are proud to suggest something very special: An art project in Africa. The Start Foundation in Zambia is educating young artists who never had a chance otherwise, to develop their talent. There are disabled or orphaned children and young people that managed to stun the art community with what they could reflect through their creative power. Thus the gifted children built a traditional village from 15 000 green used plastic bottles, and even though it looks like an alien construct it enchants and animates you to think about the human spirit and nature.

Some of the best Artists of Africa teach here and give an otherwise lost youth the chance to find themselves and prove what they are capable to do in the form of art. Be it mandalas, masks, land art - a subject that is actually charming and an unexpectedly profound way to gauge the viewer’s response.

Truffledigger decided that there is a fundamentally logic step to support this art project, so “It’s a Truffledigger life” also means to stand up for the people who were not born on the sunny side of life. The fact that the art of young Zambians here is of great beauty, makes our team grateful, and the “Reconciled to Sunglasses from Africa” , in this first editorial is really pure coincidence, but a pretty one nonetheless.

This one pair of sunglasses

When fashion and health come together, the result is usually quite grim. Bulky shoes clattering on sterile hospital floors… sure, but however the healthy vision of the designer will not act in an untrustworthy fashion, and the fashionable part has nothing to do with diseases in the first place.

The exception, however, are sunglasses. They offer complementary protection and beauty. The first mass produced sunglasses were manufactured by Ray Ban Wayfarer, and were seen only in a functional light, as they served to prevent the eyes from being harmed by indirect sunlight and harmful rays being reflected off of surfaces. They were worn by world renowned stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Roy Orbison Dean, which were the icons of several generations.
Currently, Ray Ban's Aviator are the best-selling eye protector in the world.

It is not surprising that the Inuit were the first that had to cover their eyes and find a way to keep their vision safe from the sunshine that was reflected off of the ice crystals. Those goggles consisted of round bone or small wooden boards being inserted in narrow slots, a form that still goes well today, and is considered an avant-garde form on the comeback.

Emperor Nero kept green emeralds before his eyes in strong sunlight to be able to see the gladiator fights better. The average green light kept his vision safe, and made the carnage a bit more pleasant to look at.

When the French physician Marie Theodore Fieuzal (1836-1888) discovered the harmful UV rays , it did not take long until the first lenses have been developed which filtered out the UV component of the light effect, the first such lenses were patented in 1905 by Josef Rodenstock.

Maybe it's all good to be again reminded that all of the many brands that now adorn noses and ears , are or should be goggles. An entire generation grew up in the eighties with sunglasses. They wore them every day, the whole day, even at school, even when it was dark, or in the nightclub, a practice that is still commonly encountered today. Sunglasses disclosed in these Golden Eighties not only point out that you cannot be harassed as the vile outside world would like to be, they also showed to what values the fashion community was accounted for. At that time, emerging with the wrong solar frame at a party meant at least pitying looks , if not dismissal by the fashion leader.

Photos of infamous celebrities, of smiling mobsters taken by their own children on the beach, are well styled with sunglasses in the snapshots that they are captured in, and let's be honest, our face may look terribly exhausted after a long night, yet the elegant bow clamped behind the ear, on which the large dark disks hang before the oculi and already we seem so interesting, awaiting for the next night to come.

Do not be angry with us if it gives you the impression of sublime marketing, but the most beautiful collection, the immediate memories of trips to Africa elicits the style and grandeur that they have and that Sanitas has taken it into account.
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And again: A Truffledigger Life

Tassilo von Sandizell and the Truffledigger Team