Dear Readers,

Now you‘re probably asking yourself why we’ve chosen the title ‘Slow Retail‘? Isn’t the internet a medium for fast processes? Doesn’t the worldwide web share the responsibility for speeding up our everyday life? We are convinced that Truffledigger is a good example that there is also another way.

In this regard, you’ll also find products here which really assist slowing down. Our unique Vox Populi cushions and the armchair from Dante Bad & Goods clearly invite you to relax.

Look at our display and be inspired by the products which have been produced with a lot of love and commitment. Products which require time to be produced. We support these manufacturers and to a certain degree adjust to suit our manufacturers. We see ourselves more as a Concept Store with an exceptional assortment that you will only find otherwise in selected shops in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and London.

So look on us as a shop to browse in and take your time, for example with a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace. We are convinced that we will find the ’truffle’ for you.

Warmest regards


Tassilo von Sandizell