Dear Readers,

We’d like to give you a culinary suggestion today; how with relatively little effort and a simple grill you can prepare what is probably the best barbecue of your life.

Truffledigger‘s definition of good taste has always been related to the essence of a product. As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. “

Asado acts in exactly the same way. You don’t need a Super Barbecue with hundreds of different settings, only the following skills and utensils, combined with a stay in the countryside (admittedly this type of barbecue isn’t suitable for the city!).

You need firewood (circa 1m³) for a big fire – only use hardwood please. Ideally you mix this with scented wood from fruit or nut trees to give the meat a special flavour. Meanwhile rub generous amounts of coarse salt into the meat. Naturally the quality of the meat is crucial! We recommend, amongst other things, large pieces from the rump; called Picanha in Brazil and Colita de Cuadril in Argentina e.g. tri-tip. As soon as the fire has enough embers, take a shovel and spread the embers under your grill. The grill shouldn’t be more than 30-40 cm off the ground and should be protected on one side. Now put the meat on the grill and let it cook slowly. In the meantime keep adding wood to the fire so that there are enough embers. The embers should always be evenly spread under the grill.  

The whole process has relatively little to do with hustle and bustle and even gives you time to drink a glass of red wine. Good timing is of course required for a successful result and the fine art of cooking in general.

In the hope that with little effort and cost, we could enrich your life-style,

we remain

with kind regards


Tassilo von Sandizell and the Truffledigger Team