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Work the Strings by AM Authentic Models

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Work the Strings by AM Authentic Models

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About this product
Rope loops made in the traditional sailor's manner. Admire the splice!

IAmazingly, string games are found in diverse cultures around the world. Inuit and Navajo. African and Australian. Melanesian and Polynesian. And strings didn’t only appeal to children… Working with lines and ropes was a skill that went with being a sailor, cowboy, and lumberjack. Showing off skills and engaging in fun, interactive gamesmanship has been part of growing up in many cultures the world over…A spliced rope transforms into a loop. In a matter of seconds turn an object like a teacup into cat’s whiskers. Show off tricks by sleight-of-hand… Learn how to work the strings… it’s fun! Invent patterns and compete for speed!

Instructions in english, german and french.

Weight 158g
Dimensions 18,1 x 16,2 x 3,5 cm
More Information
This is a nice elementary knot tying kit which will help your kid learn how to tie different knots and give him or her a bit of self-reliance and a bit of confidence during his or her adult life. Ever wondered why knots are so important? First of all, ever since the dawn of linear material, like string, man has found a way of either connecting it or fastening it to other things. Nowhere else in any other fields have knots been more proficiently used than in in the maritime field. All sailors have learned how to tie a multitude of knots over the years, and it is actually mandatory for sailors today to know a lot of knots as well. The funny thing is that knots are actually fun, and the skill of tying several types of knots is a useful one to have over the years. The problem is that even though knots are cool and all, teaching different knots has always been boring and perceived as tedious. Work the Strings is the perfect way to not only stimulate your child, but also teach him or her this very useful skill. What’s best about this is the fact that Work the Strings is designed to make learning to tie knots a rather fun experience, and your kid is going to have a lot of fun while learning a new and very useful skill. We all need a confidence boost in life, and knowing how to tie a lot of different knots will not only help your kid in a physical way but also in a psychological way. It is good to know that you possess a certain skill set from an early age, and that will make your child more self-reliant and more independent, knowing that if something goes wrong, he or she can rely on the skills that he or she has gained throughout his or her childhood.
size 18.5x16.5x2.5cm
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