Truffledigger's Philosophy

Quote of a publication by AD Architectural Digest: 

"News of June 11th 2014

He who thinks that a bottle of red wine is only to quench a thirst for fermented grape juice is taught otherwise by Count Tassilo Sandizell, the passionate forager behind the explorer portal Truffledigger: here a fire extinguisher which in other respects meets all the appropriate norms camouflages itself with the elegant label of a good wine. And for this reason is a good example for the online shop which gathers the greatest variety of presents; from temporary tattoos for children to a dressing gown for a man. A wide range which Count Sandizell finds through well-directed research or tips from friends. “My treasures are not hidden under the earth’s surface, they only have to be discovered in the virgin forest of consumption.” Only recently Sandizell came across exceptional pieces of jewellery from Africa, for which due to limited means of communication he had to resort to going into the Savannah himself. But the spirit of adventure runs in the family (his brother is an archeologist in the Navy), so the biography of this forager with location stops in Switzerland, South America, South East Asia, New York, Istanbul, Argentina and Portugal covers almost all the continents."

 And the article continues: 

"That the choice craftsman-made  and designer pieces absolutely come at a price stems from the sustainable production by small manufacturers: “We live in a time in which once again more people pay heed to quality and sustainability. When I for example can still wear my grandfather’s tweed jacket today, then it is a sort of luxury for me. And it makes sense ecologically.“  Also evident in his selection criteria for the shop: “High value, timeless design and naturally the aesthetic. Luxury brands known all over the world, branding and name-dropping are out of place at Truffledigger”,  declares Count Sandizell, who in the meantime lives in a castle in Upper Bavaria with his family  – from his birthplace of Duesseldorf, around the globe, to Schrobenhausen. There the digital step in the wide world was simply logical for this cosmopolitan.

“ Truffledigger offers the possibility to reach the whole world from my small spot in Upper Bavaria and thus convey a hopefully not mundane lifestyle.“  Noblesse oblige really."


Press release by AD Architectural Digest / 11. Juni 2014



„It’s a Truffledigger life”


Truffledigger, as the name suggests, searches for unique products of aesthetic and timeless design. Our aim is to offer you a manageable selection of exquisite, handmade lifestyle products that generate an ideal sense of permanence and coziness.

Away from overpriced brands, mass-produced goods and copies, sails deliberately against the trend. Truffledigger services range from cashmere dressing gowns over avant-garde toys, up to gourmet delicacies. Our theme: Search and Find. Our aim: to find what our customers desire.