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Jewellery and accents complete the presentation of a sophisticated gentleman. To be immaculately dressed, a man must reflect style and sophistication from head-to-toe. At, we will assist you in bringing an unsurpassed elegance to your enchanting personality! Whether the occasion is formal or casual, our charms will certainly astound and impress. Our styles are vast, from hip and vintage to contemporary pieces of elegance. From the modest to the bold, our merchandise is as evocative as it is masculine. Our diamonds, bracelets, rings, and chains are designed for the most savvy of tastes. Our materials are pristine, and include pieces in gold, silver, and platinum, with minerals and gemstones of ivory, amber, ruby, sapphire, jade, pear, turquoise, and emerald. Don’t forget our carefully-selected assortment of debonaire wristwatches, designer messenger bags, stylish sunglasses, custom-crafted luggage and travel cases, and so much more! Finally, when it’s time to propose to your beautiful angel, we will help you select the finest engagement ring imaginable. We cordially invite you to peruse our stunning selections when Truffledigger's online shop opens on March 31st, 2014.