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Albino Lady Bitis Gabonica by Aurelie Gourg - stArt Foundation

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Albino Lady Bitis Gabonica by Aurelie Gourg - stArt Foundation

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About this product
Aurelie Gourg is a french painter and designer born in Gabon in 1978.
Formerly from the jewellery industry, her works are an artistic translation born of her interests for lavish shapes and the colours of nature. Her early life in Africa and subsequent travels permeate through the art in her observation of exotic aesthetics, whilst revealing her personal perception and reflexion of the events and path of human life.
Aurelie has been tutored in ancient oil and watercolor painting techniques by french hyper-realist painter Claude Yvel. This has influenced her in the use of the finest long lasting colours and high quality materials for her projects, in as far as an itinerant lifestyle can allow.
Her art is a dialogue of colours, of abundant shapes and artistic dilemma. This richness and complexity of matter reveals tension and sensuality, which for this artist, is what life is all about.

• Created: 2012
• Watercolor, Pencil & gouache on paper mounted on linen
• Size: 75 x 96cm

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This is an elegant and sophisticated painting, created to brighten and turn an ordinary house, into a wonderful masterpiece. Art is considered to be the climax of beauty that human beings can produce with their minds and hands. It is easy to see why art is at the very least necessary for a home to really be called a home. That extra touch of beauty and splendor reminds us of the importance and beauty of life itself, not to mention the fact that they make for great decorations. Art is a good conversation starter, always able to light up a room and completely change the atmosphere without any particular effort. This painting in of itself is a good thing to consider. It can not only light up the mood, but also add that extra spark of beauty while completing the interior ensemble that your house needs. No more empty walls covered up with furniture or anything that could find an excuse to justify its presence. Give your house the extra bit of human beauty and creative spark that you know both you and your house deserve. Have an extra painting, admire it every day, find your inspiration and the spark that keeps you going, as well as unlocking the talents and the passions that you never even knew that you had. This is the power of art, and how it can change your life. It is this exact reason for which we are mesmerized by it and why we are always looking to enrich both our lives and our environments with it.
size 75cm x 96cm
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