1. Bark Gents Duffle Coat Knitted Long Sand
    As low as €570.00 €478.99
  2. Bark Ladys Duffel Coat Knitted Turquoise
    As low as €425.00 €357.14
  3. Crombie Deluxe Coat Navy
    Back in stock soon
  4. Crombie Great Coat Beige
    Back in stock soon
    €885.00 €743.70
  5. Crombie Rainmac Trenchcoat Beige
    As low as €571.00 €479.83
  6. Drakes Wool Cashmere Scarf Flowers with Paisley
    Back in stock soon
    €155.00 €130.25
  7. Drakes Scarf Hunting Scenes Orange
    Back in stock soon
    €155.00 €130.25
  8. Drakes Scarf Dotted
    €235.00 €197.48
  9. Yuketen Angler Boots
    As low as €525.00 €441.18
  10. Yuketen Maine Guide DB Boots
    As low as €525.00 €441.18
  11. Yuketen Stream Moc OX Moccasin
    As low as €405.00 €340.34
  12. Yuketen Ranger Moccasin Sneaker
    As low as €299.00 €251.26
  13. Daniel Hanson Cashmere Dressing Gown for Men
    Back in stock soon
    €2,060.00 €1,731.09
  14. Daniel Hanson Silk Dressing Gown for Men
    Back in stock soon
    €687.00 €577.31
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Fancy finery for the debonaire sophisticate! Our exceptional apparel will lend any gentleman an air of charm and class. Our suits are cultivated from the finest of materials, and are constructed with exceptional care and creativity. Perfect for formal ados such as cocktail parties or opulent weddings, our traditional attire will astound and delight. Make a bold statement with underlying subtlety and savoir faire! Hand-picked garments of pristine quality adorn our upscale-casual collection. Our perfectly-manicured trousers and precision-cut shirts make any occasion an excuse for dressing to impress. Our jackets are impeccable, our shoes gleam with shine, and our sweaters flow with dignity and wit. At, we are redefining the term “upscale.” Whether black-tie or business-casual, we have you covered— literally— with the most splendid, superior wardrobe options in the world. Don’t forget our wonderful sportcoats, jeans, shorts, swimwear, undergarments, boots, sleepwear, and so much more! We cordially invite you to peruse our stunning selections when Truffledigger's online shop opens on March 31st, 2014.