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Billy Bosun's Stamps & Stationery by AM Authentic Models

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Billy Bosun's Stamps & Stationery by AM Authentic Models

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About this product
Wood stamps with ink pad.

It’s like hearing weathered old-time deck-hands telling yarns, sharing their special secrets. To make a ship inside a bottle, to learn the ropes, how to best send a message in a bottle. Where will the currents take it… Yokohama? Zanzibar? So many stories. Uniquely conceived and packaged. Both gift and craft, educational and whimsical. Rare fun in attractive and intriguing boxes. Easy to learn and enjoy. For inquisitive minds… and keeps them busy for hours at a time.

Instructions in english, german and french.
More Information
This is a rather simple and minimalist play set, however it is designed with the imagination in mind, helping kids imagine things and use their heads while playing rather than feeding them everything by default. What is that special ability that all kids possess and all adults miss? Imagination. Imagination is the fuel behind childhood, and it powers a very special aspect of our lives. The ability to dream, the ability to love, all the ideas that we have or will ever have, all that and a lot more are based around one thing and one thing only, our imagination. It is, however, a rather fragile thing, and it not only needs constant care and nurturing, it is also the prime target of the educational system and most of the institutions out there inadvertently. This is why your kids have to have a great and strong imagination from an early age, and learn how to use it as well. This way you not only make sure that your kids will be as imaginative and as clever in his adult years as he is now, but you will also be making sure that your kid will grow up to be a balanced and well-rounded individual, capable of leading rather than following. This nice and neat little play set is here to do just that, by using one of the more important aspects of the human imagination, association. Make no mistake about it, this is a stamp and stationery play set, however it gives the children the ability to set up their small little post office and slowly but surely find a way in which they can improve the level of imagination that they possess. It may not seem to me of much importance now, however these simple and few actions that your kid does as a child will weigh heavily on his or her subconscious, and the small amount of mental exercise that imagination is able to provide your kid with, will scale up dramatically and basically turn your kid into a nice and well-rounded adult individual.
size 14x10.5x6cm
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