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Amsterdam, 1968.

In a year which was identified worldwide as a symbol for the dawn of a better future, AM - AUTHENTIC MODELS began with a collection which had its roots reaching back hundreds of years. AM defied the storm of change because uniqueness and aesthetic pleasure are after all timeless and span the world.

Old ships’ lanterns in a new design, antique aeroplane propellers, ladders for the ship’s library, writing desks with piano intarsia as requested by Chopin for long journeys, feather quills and sealing wax – the company name AM AUTHENTIC MODELS is justified by its products. All models are authentic and have their stories to tell.

The company is however not only specialised in the production and reproduction of furniture, artefacts, accessories but also in unique children’s toys.

AM AUTHENTIC MODELS at the same time even today sees itself as pledged to the Age of Enlightenment through its toy collection. Its demand to perceive children as autonomous beings can be understood in an especially beautiful way through the reproduction of a portable sundial and a portable globe for children.

This Dutch model maker awakes childish curiosity and the joy of understanding the world in a playful way: often in an ingeniously simple manner. How to make and send a message in a bottle on its way makes many children’s hearts leap for a long time. This game is never forgotten. The wonderful design of AM games also reawakens childhood memories for grown-ups.

This manufacturer has succeeded in an impressive aesthetic combination of history, nostalgia and timelessness.