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Bark - Knitwear & Jackets

  1. Bark Duffle Coat Knitted in Navy Blue
    As low as €425.00 €357.14
  2. Bark Duffle Coat Knitted Turquoise
    As low as €425.00 €357.14
  3. Bark Ladys Down Duffle Coat Grey
    As low as €635.00 €533.61
  4. Bark Gents Duffle Coat Knitted Long Sand
    As low as €570.00 €478.99
  5. Bark Gents Duffle Coat Knitted Taupe
    As low as €485.00 €407.56
  6. Bark Quilted Jacket for Kids in Navy
    As low as €175.00 €147.06
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Someone who over-hastily translates the name of the Italian fashion label BARK with 'bay' or 'loudly call attention to yourself' misses out on a further meaning: 'BARK cloth' can also mean barkcloth. This in turn is probably the oldest material of humanity. Made from the bark of the East African fig tree. From these in turn – according to the African myth – humans came onto the earth. The famous fig leaf! A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

BARK's label motto fits this and perhaps the first humans had – or even before? - hurled it at their forefather when being driven out of Paradise: “We want to celebrate identity. AND SAY IT LOUD.“ In English, of course.

Founded in Modena in 2011, the beautiful knitwear from BARK had already surprised the fashion world at its first presentation. Subtle understatement in design and the captivating colours of BARKian leisure and sport fashion in every new collection since then has had fashion professionals too looking in fascination. A sense of wellbeing guaranteed – both internally and externally.

Many high-end customers, who have had enough of 'fashion', 'trend' and 'brand' have thanks to BARK's limited editions recaptured the joy of fashion as a means of communication.

By the way, intensifying this is also a theme of the TRUFFLEDIGGER philosophy.

BARK Fashion transcends gender. The 'Kids Collection' is clearly inspired by Italian enthusiasm for kitting out children.

The over jackets made in the style of English Montgomery Dufflecoats, once designed by Montgomery for seamen, show how much respect the newcomer has left for design which has stood the test of time well and keeping eternally beautiful and classic lines. No wonder that BARK also acts as a sponsor for vintage car races such as e.g. the 'Coppa d'Oro' in the Dolomites.

BARK's elegant knitwear remains a treat for the eyes even with everyday use… Yes, creates this flair, which suits a 'sophisticated' and discreet lifestyle. Perhaps as did the fig leaf of yore.

One thing though does however differentiate BARK from the fig leaf people seeking their own identity. BARK has developed a special method to make wool water-resistant. An aspect after experiencing the Flood not to be underestimated when wearing these masterpieces.