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Chilote - Knitwear house shoes

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The title “made fair“ in connection with the highest requirements for comfort and design is seldom bestowed. CHILOTE HOUSE SHOES has received it many times.

Is it due to the finest  renewable material from Patagonia, the synergy of workmanship skills and an innovative ecological system network? Or that a ‘social club’ of female craftsman friends work together on a highly durable product and nevertheless  retain their individuality?

It is certain that the house shoes from CHILOTE HOUSE SHOES even at first glance engender  the feeling of pleasant snugness, that homelike relaxation sets in and you are happy that such a seemingly simple product for use at home can be so cuddly and lovely.  

That in turn certainly has something to do with the business model of this producer guaranteeing the suppliers a fair, dignified and sustainable income.