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  1. Crombie Deluxe Coat Navy
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  2. Crombie Rainmac Trenchcoat Beige
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  3. Crombie Great Coat Beige
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  4. Crombie Coat Cary Grant Navy
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  5. Crombie Polo Shirt White
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  6. Crombie Polo Shirt Dark Navy
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It was 1805 the year of the Battle of Trafalgar when John Crombie built his first woolen mill in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. Every generation since then has rediscovered this great brand for itself.

US President Ronald Reagan owned 13 Crombie Made to Measure suits, the Beatles sauntered with Crombie coats and a large part of English officers were dressed in Crombie Great Coats. The label has such a timeless elegance that e.g. in 2014 designs from an 1865 collection book were used again.

The secret of Crombie is easy to name. Every detail has flair. Every style has character. The overall appearance radiates personality. To put it in a nutshell: The very best of Britishness.