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There had already been forged products from Lüdenscheid, the German seat of DEUMER, in the 13th century. Back then shiny shields and sinuous coats of mail which were coveted throughout Europe were made in the city. Today, not only the art of war but also the mode of production has changed. Luckily for a city such as Lüdenscheid as the blacksmiths were always responsible for devastating fires until they were resettled outside the city walls after the sixth fire started in the city. Products which made it possible to return to the city were developed there at some point in time.

Immersed in this tradition Wilhelm Deumer also learnt the crafts of smithing and working metal. He founded the first German factory for pins and medals in 1863 with a French partner who was versed in a pioneering gold plating technique from Paris.

This was taken over by the silk factory owner Wilhelm Conze in 1905. He was fascinated by the Edwardian style fashion and accessories. So it was no surprise that he invested in first-class Jewellery – Accessories for Men whilst reorganizing Deumer in Lüdenscheid.

He refined the techniques of enamelling, polishing and galvanising. He trained his apprentices in stone setting and modernized the factory building.

Wilhelm Conze brought out a collection of fine cufflinks, money clips and tie pins every year. He wrote in his will that this series was to be continued and perfected by following generations. Since then DEUMER products can be found all over the world – be it sport medals, hotel plates, bank logos, high-quality company gifts and last but not least – the Porsche crest.

The finest product from DEUMER remains however its cufflinks. They were sent out into the world from Lüdenscheid in teak boxes with ocean blue coats of arms. These also embrace the ancient knowledge of metal, the love of craftsmanship and the commitment to durability.