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“The Best of Outdoor.“

Anglers, hunters, photographers, engineers, sportsmen, adventurers, trekkers, frequent travellers – Filson is the brand for them all; when it is about one idea more, to be dressed for “outside” comfortably, and practically and with high quality.

This American maker – as you could say in the terms of a skipper – always sails close to the customers. Their requests, suggestions and improvements have over the course of more than a hundred years made Filson a brand for outdoor individuals; which stands out through its stubbornness for a USA production location and a selection of travel and sport kits based in accordance with practical needs.

This image of stable values is inseparably linked to the Filson story. As the company founder C.C. Wilson moved to Seattle in 1890 the Gold Rush time began in North America. Filson had already gained experience with a small outdoor store for loggers. He saw and took his chance in Seattle and so found his own gold mine by offering the diggers the highest quality material, free repairs and willingly meeting their needs.

To today, every unmistakably casual and yet precisely elegant first impression has developed from this, which also after many years does not wear off and makes a Filson bag become a “fellow”. A travelling companion with an ample crush zone.

Perhaps the Filson secret – and especially for travel bags – is very simple: these products make an unruffled impression wherever you see them. Be it in the Ritz Carlton in Paris or in an anglers’ pub on the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

This traditional company whose founder was born in the solitude of Nebraska, stubbornly refuses even today to give up their focus on men only. Just “MEN“ is on their website column heading. Sorry, ladies, you can’t share Filson products. Yeah, that’s style too and you can sense the subtle irony behind this.

This is part of the Filson philosophy to today: Follow your own path but with equipment that allows you to change the direction whenever you want. The Filson philosophy in a nutshell: “It's not for everyone. “