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L.G.R are the initials of Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. He was born in Rome in 1982. His mother comes from Eritrea, his Italian father lives in Kenya. His grandfather had begun importing sunglasses from Italy in 1930 in Eritrea. Beautiful and romantic eye wear, as we know it from the old black-and-white films and which still has its own highly individual allure today.

It was perhaps more than a coincidence that Luca in 2005 practically stumbled upon an old collection from his grandfather whilst he was clearing up his warehouse in Eritrea. That instantly evoked the picture for him of adventures in a long gone by time in Africa with the glamour of the Riveria and the sophisticated life of those who moved between these worlds.It was only a small step from this for L.G.R to a new edition of his sunglasses collection inherited from his grandfather and its modern enhancements.

His story is rounded off as Luca sat down with the old master craftsmen and with them optimised the old established methods for lenses and frames with today’s technology. This is the proof that quality and beauty always go together hand in hand.