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Nika Zupanc


The Slovenian Nika Zupanc has in the meantime made herself a highly regarded name worldwide as a designer. Her career began with her ‘Lolita lamp‘. She metamorphosed frivolity and naiveté into timeless elegance. ELLE (USA) affirmed her design as ‘punk elegance , BUSINESS WEEK defined it as ‘Techno chic‘ and CLEAR MAGAZINE simply saw it as ‘larger than life‘.

She received the talented young professional in Eastern Europe award from the British Council in 2004.

Ingenious, intuitive and with an entirely distinct extraordinary gift for the juxtaposition of material and emotions, she has in the meantime created cult objects. One of the most beautiful is the toy car ‘Konstantin‘. Although it functions completely as a child’s toy, it can also be understood as a message to the adult appreciation of beauty. In short: it exerts a magnetic attraction on the eyes.

The passion and clarity with which Nika Zupanc composes traditional elements into a new whole, is found in all her designs. She herself sees it as a political statement: “The greatest inspiration” so she says, “is within ourselves. We only have to find it again in the material world which surrounds us.“

Nika Zupanc

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