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Ofantique - ethnic textile bags

  1. Hari Shopping bag by Ofantique
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    €909.00 €763.87
  2. Yoga mat bag in Antique Thai Ikat-Silk by Ofantique
    Yoga mat bag in Antique Thai Ikat-Silk by Ofantique
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  3. Bur bag by Ofantique
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  4. Pone bag by Ofantique
    €595.00 €500.00
  5. Lab Bag with Antique baby carrier by Ofantique
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    €909.00 €763.87
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A sense of beauty, elegance and cultural depth are fundamental requirements for a good design. The Portuguese designer Rita T. Bastos succeeds in adding yet another dimension. She has with her label OFANTIQUE really earned the title 'unique'.

She learnt about the weaving culture of the hill-tribes during her long trips and stays in South East Asia and Bali. Their materials and weaving processes are of extraordinary beauty. Not only concerning the pattern but also the symbolism. Protection against illnesses, well-being on journeys and lucky symbols are artistically worked in into a piece of woven cloth.

The women of the Miao, Lisu, Yao and other mountain peoples craft their baby carrier cloths – how could it really be otherwise – with exceptional devotion and love. These often have to withstand long distances through the jungle and last for many generations. The quality of the silk worked here is only seldom found worldwide.

Rita T. Bastos had the idea of creating a bag collection from this material on one of her journeys into the region in 2011– amongst others handbags, travel bags and laptop bags.

She found a congenial pattern-cutter in Bali and that she sets store by impeccable ecological processing and amongst others uses Italian vegetable tanned leather the quality of her manufacturing does not really have to be further emphasised.

Conclusion: Every bag from OFANTIQUE is a unique piece with collector’s value. The whole collection in a nutshell: gorgeous.