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Philipp Rudolph - light design

  1. Philipp Rudolph Lamp Roaaar
    Philipp Rudolph Lamp Roaaar
    Special Price €452.00 €379.83 was €905.00
  2. Philipp Rudolph Lamp Nugget
    Philipp Rudolph Lamp Nugget
    Special Price €620.00 €521.01 was €1,240.00
  3. Philipp Rudolph Lamp Liquid
    Philipp Rudolph Lamp Liquid
    Special Price €620.00 €521.01 was €1,240.00
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You can never see enough of this object art. Philipp Rudolph forms a cosmos out of simple lampstands that playfully handle memories of childhood action figures as well as icons from adult life.

Batman meets Donald Duck, Vikings meet Amazonians and approaching jet fighters come flying out from somewhere.

PHILIPP RUDOPLH has created over 30 different lamps in different colours and sizes to date. Every one is one of a kind, each one enticing you to marvel and with all the joy of the subject it is nevertheless a utilitarian object.

A lamp which at the same time is a work of art.