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stArt Foundation - African paintings

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The life expectancy of people in Zambia is a meagre 40 years. The main cause for this is HIV. There is no compulsory education in Zambia. 1.2 million of 7-14 year old children have to work. That is almost 50% of their age group. Many of the children also have to be provided for after the death of their parents. The State cannot afford this. Zambia was on place 164 from 187 on the Human Development Index in 2011.

One of the organisations which is currently trying to give handicapped children, orphans and youths who are excluded from society a prospect outside their impoverished daily lives is the stART Foundation.

The Foundation was founded in 2011, with the aim of guiding the youth of Zambia to handling art professionally. Marketing their work is included so that it is possible to give the country’s talent art training.

Truffledigger came across the stART Foundation whilst looking for unusual art. The young artists’ exhibits were so compelling with such freshness and depth that they fully comply with the quality demands of our company.

That truffledigger has in the meantime decided to support this art project on principle is the only step consistent with this.

“It’s a truffledigger life.“ also means to stand up for people who were not born on the sunny side of life. Our team is grateful that the art from the young Zambians is very beautiful…