SuperDuper Hats

  1. SuperDuper Hat Elettra
    €210.00 €176.47
  2. SuperDuper Hat Chanteuse
    €235.00 €197.48
  3. SuperDuper Hat Nucky
    €210.00 €176.47
  4. SuperDuper Hat Janez
    €215.00 €180.67
  5. SuperDuper Hat Boheme
    €220.00 €184.87
  6. SuperDuper Hat Keaton
    €195.00 €163.87
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Super Duper, with its hats – what am I saying, with its hat art – has beamed itself into the hearts of the fashion world. They have been celebrated by the press as the fashion talent of the future. They have rightly won the UOMO 2013 Awards with their ingenious ideas and disrespectful combinations. Super Duper’s millinery fashion follows a simple principle: only what we are prepared to wear ourselves enters our collection. And seeming contradictions become a recipe for success: a vagabond look with perfect elegance.

These headgear sorcerers enjoy anarchic creativity. And this goes hand in hand with the practical application and wearability of their products. So it is no wonder that the other fashion articles from SUPER DUPER also originate from the courage and will to give a clear refusal to the same old mass brands. You can guess which cultural atmosphere this company feels at home in by reading the list of their muses. Let’s just name a few: Josephine Baker, Simone de Beauvoir, Edith Piaf, Janis Joplin…