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  1. Yuketen Ranger Moccasin Sneaker
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  2. Yuketen Stream Moc OX Moccasin
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  3. Yuketen Angler Boots
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  4. Yuketen Maine Guide DB Boots
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Yuketen – that is the designer Yuki Matsuda. His shoes have been around since 1989 - and – in a small assortment – travel bags and belt making too. Yuki Matsuda made a name for himself very quickly in the international lifestyle and fashion press.

His shoe collections clearly have their roots in the classic realm. But what inspires with Yuketen is how Yuki succeeds with subtle variations and a passion for detail in re-creating shoe types that you believe you already know. Including amongst others patterning with native signs in the shoe uppers, which serve as brand recognition, raised natural rubber outsoles, finely worked patterns and needlework in which every stitch looks like a small masterpiece.

The Yuketen shoe models don’t need to shy away from close-ups. On the contrary. You can see in detail how wonderfully simplicity and decorative elements can harmonise.

It goes without saying that the material used is environmentally impeccable such as e.g. vegi-tan. Naturally Yuki Matsuda also pays attention to comfort, reducing foot fatigue and a long-life.

Name-dropping for the shoes ranges from amongst others 'Native' to 'Yacht', from 'Old School' to ' Hippie', from 'Camp' to 'Maine Guide'. That is also a wonderfully likeable clarity when defining shoes which are fine and yet suitable for everyday use.

“Every stitch has a soul“, says Yuki Matsuda. Anyone who watches him at work and holds the result in his hand can do no other than believe him.