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Oyuna Cashmere Shawl Saan

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Oyuna Cashmere Shawl Saan

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100% cashmere
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About this product
A great shawl to be had, both as a means of protection against the chilling wind and dropping temperatures, and as a garment that compliments each and every one of your outfits.

The Saan is the essential shawl, turned throw, turned travel companion: effortlessly refined in both the home and when travelling.

A fine herringbone scarf in cashmere with short fringe on the ends. This seemingly paper-thin scarf has particularly insulating and heat-retaining properties due to its dense fibre structure.

• 100% Cashmere
• Herringbone scarf
• Very fine and soft structure
• Size: 200 cm x 70 cm / 78” x 27”
• Weight: 220 g
• Colours available: Charcoal-Taupe, Coral-Taupe
More Information
When the weather outside gets frightful, you know that only one thing can make you delightful, and that is warmth. There have been a lot of debates over which garment is the coziest or the most warmth preserving of them all. Let us not forget that we still live in a world based on appearance and a strong first impression, so besides protection from the cold, the garment must also provide the wearer with that fashion element that would draw positive attention towards him or her. And the Mongolian fashion house “Oyuna” managed to combine the two elements into a perfect synergy, resulting in the Herringbone weave cashmere shawl. This is by no means an ordinary run of the mill shawl, but rather a very intricate but at the same time confortable shawl, designed especially for facing the cold temperatures and turning heads while doing so. The first thing that one would notice about the shawl is that even though it is relatively thick, it is easy to wear and not at all cumbersome to maneuver or arrange. This is because of the fact that it is made out of cashmere and weaved in such a way that permits it to behave like a light and maneuverable piece of clothing, while retaining the features that allow it to preserve body heat and ward off the cold. Another thing that one might notice form the very beginning is the fact that the shawl itself is actually very stylish, sporting a color that can easily be matched to any outfit, print, design, and even background. Combine that with the subtle yet elegant accents located on the side edges, and you wind up dealing not just with a warmth preserving shawl, but also with a powerful fashion statement. From the times when the shawl was used by the Tibetan tribes as work clothes, to the modern stylish yet useful fashion statements, the shawl did it all. And now the Herringbone weave shawl, the Cadillac of shawls, is within your very reach, so don’t just stand there worrying about the chills. Become protected from the cold, while maintaining the unaltered harmonious balance of your outfits.
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