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Oyuna Cashmere Scarf Ula

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Oyuna Cashmere Scarf Ula

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100% Kaschmir
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About this product
Fine woven shawl with two tone dye.

The Ula cashmere shawl is a thin yet comfortable shawl, durable, nimble and flexible, capable of protecting the wearer against minor drafts and various degrees of sunlight, and complimenting outfits regardless of the color scheme or patterns.

• 100% Cashmere
• Two-tone Peach and Beige
• Very fine and soft structure
• Size: 260 cm x 100 cm / 102” x 39”
• Weight: 80 g
More Information
This is a product that more or less speaks for itself, and the things that it has to say are, by far, the best things that you can hear from a garment. Just by looking at it you are able to judge it on a lot of levels. First off, you will notice that it is very thin, almost invisible, especially with the peach/beige color scheme. Don’t be fooled by that, it is actually very strong and durable, not to mention flexible and nimble, allowing you to relax and not worry about accidentally ripping it. As I mentioned earlier, the color scheme chosen for it is a combination between peach and beige. This was not at random, and the current color scheme was chosen in order to ensure that this cashmere shawl will be able to match any outfit that you may wish to match it with. These colors are among the most popular and the most easy to match, and regardless of the overall color scheme of you outfits, the colors that this shawl is able to bring to the table will always make it match and compliment your chosen apparel one way or another. This shawl also adds a touch of elegance and youth to an outfit, managing to break the sober norm of elegance with a little color and joy, in a manner that does not insult nor does it disturb, but rather refreshes the overall atmosphere and feel of the outfit. Of course, taking the bland out of elegance is not the only thing that this shawl is able to do. It can also protect the wearer from light winds and drafts, and even though it is thin, it can also protect the wearer from those extra sunny days, blocking out most of the sunlight from hitting the wearer’s head. It is, in fact, a great garment to be had, and the fact that it is able to deliver far more than meets the eye is all the more reason to consider it for your outfits.
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