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Oyuna Cashmere Travel Blanket Daya

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Oyuna Cashmere Travel Blanket Daya

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100 % Cashmere
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About this product
A versatile, lightweight travel throw that works both in home and more adventurous environments.

The travelling blanket "Daya" is made of 100% cashmere. A soft leather belt can be used both for carrying the blanket as well as using it as a belt.

The Mongolian designer Oyuna has placed great emphasis on the creation of a wide range of travel accessories. You can use the throw not only as a warm manta, but also as a scarf or wrap.

• 100% Cashmere
• Very finely woven
• Contrast colour ends
• Leather belt
• Size: 180 cm x 120 cm / 70” x 47”
• Weight: 380 g
• Colours available: Indigo and Beige
More Information
The Cashmere Travel Set is a compact traveling set made for those situations that tend to appear while traveling abroad in which you are forced to improvise or simply find the right garment to go with your apparel. It’s lightweight, easy to pack and great for each and every vacation plan. Traveling is not an easy thing, and let’s face it, in order to make sure that we are not caught off-guard by any situation or setting, we would have to pack our entire wardrobe, not to mention all the accessories that go with each and every one of our outfits. Of course, that would be a great bother, so the people at Oyuna came to our aid with the Cashmere Travel Set. The main thing about it is the fact that it also comes in Beige, which as we all know, is able to match to any color scheme, thus complementing every single outfit that we choose to wear, at any occasion or in any setting that we might find ourselves in. Don’t think for one second that this Cashmere Travel Set is only for looks. It is very practical as well. It is nimble and quite easy to handle, plus the cashmere wool actually keeps you warm and cozy, making wearing it a pleasant experience. It does manage to retain body warmth, keeping you protected from the wind and other meteorological inconveniences and being made out of cashmere makes it one of the most gentle and most comfortable garments that you may have at your disposal. Of course, as the name states it, the Cashmere Travel Set is actually thought out for traveling, meaning that it is actually pretty easy to pack and transport around, and seeing as luggage are a rising problem in vacation planning with every passing year, such traveling sets are a godsend for each and every person that is planning a vacation. Another great thing about the Cashmere Travel Set is the fact that is also very adaptable, meaning that the wearer is able to use it for more than just clothing. Emergency blankets because of their ability to retain warmth and coziness, emergency accessories because of their ability to blend in to every outfit and wardrobe in existence, and last but not least, a medium between you and certain surfaces, making them far more comfortable and far more attractive. The Cashmere Travel Set is indeed something that should not be missing from any vacationer’s luggage.
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