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'Claus zu Tisch' Children's Stool And Table by Sirch

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'Claus zu Tisch' Children's Stool And Table by Sirch

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About this product
The Sirch family business originally fabricated wooden agricultural wagons and tools. Nowadays Sirch produces among other things a world-renowned line of children's furniture and wooden toys. Evidence of this is the inclusion of Ride-on-vehicle max and the associated trailer lorette in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. At Sirch not only a rocking horse becomes the ultimate designer object made in Germany. All products follow off course one main objective: make children happy.

• Combination of children's stool and children's table
• Seat height and distance to the table adjustable by simple plug-in mechanism
• Base made of raw, finely polished spruce
• Tabletop made of white laminated layered wood (easy to clean)
• The seat is padded with high-quality felt
• Felt colour: red
• Suitable for children between 3 to 8 years of age
• Length: 52 cm, Width: 12 cm, Height: 16 cm
• Seat heights: 22 cm; 24 cm
• Seat diameter: 27 cm
• Table height: 44 cm
• Tabletop diameter: 45 cm
More Information
This is a rather simple yet elegant and useful toy which will not only make your child grow accustomed to a minimum level of elegance, but will also aid in the teaching of some rather valuable lessons along the way. Responsibility and caring for things are among the things that a parent dreads to teach his kids about. Indeed, these are great things to know and truly an education cannot be considered complete without these valuable moral lessons, however there is a small problem that we have to face along the way. The child is unable to clearly understand the concept of responsibility until the age at which any lesson in that department is relatively useless, the child already relying on some notions that he or she may have, but by no means complete. Indeed this is a pain in an otherwise perfect world, and the problem that parents face is making their kids understand. Quite trick when your kid barely understands the concept in the first place. So what is it to do in this situation? Simple, use toys as a medium to convey these lessons. The Claus zu Tisch Children's Stool And Table is the perfect example in this case, because it not only teaches the child about basic responsibility and taking care of inanimate things, but it also adds that bit of pride and elegance that he or she must have at a young age. It is one of those rare toys that brings everything there is to be brought to the table, and it also breaks the norm by being made out of wood rather than the plastic and metal combinations that most of the toymakers of today use.
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