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Crombie Rainmac Trenchcoat Blue

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Crombie Rainmac Trenchcoat Blue

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100% cotton
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About this product
Crombie coats are considered to be the best in the world. We’re sure that once you put on this exquisitely constructed raincoat you won’t want to take it off. This piece has the usual Crombie durability, but by using a single layer of double faced fabric (a once difficult technique of which Crombie was a pioneer in the nineteenth century), it is a lighter weight than many other full-cotton raincoats, and the superb grade of the weaving gives it a softer feel as well. With a natural resin coating and taped seams, this garment is fully showerproof.

• 100% cotton
• Fully showerproof (resin coated, taped seams)
• Underarm vents for breathability
• Corozzo buttons
• Taupe internal and under collar
• Slim fit
• Made in Europe
• Length 96 cm
More Information
This is a coat which meets a lot of standards form a lot of points of view. First of all, it is waterproof and it can protect the wearer from even the most violent of rainstorms. Second, it is quite comfortable, ensuring that the wearer will wear it without the slightest of problems. Third, it is quite elegant, it can be matched with any outfit and can successfully blend in to any setting. Often times, we tend to misjudge the clothes that we are browsing through or make assumptions based on the very first impression that they make. Truth be told, this is in our nature, and we tend to be as frugal as possible, however there are those garments that come along and challenge the norm. This is one of them and even though it might not seem like it at first glance, once dawned, this Crombie will make you think twice about other garments for a long time. Imagine you’re walking through a rainstorm, its pouring cats and dogs and you don’t really have an umbrella on you, so you’re taking the full brunt of the storm head-on. You get home, and you take your coat off. Normally, you would expect to be drenched, and the first thing you would have to do is find a dry set of clothes which you can wear, however that is not the case with the Rainmac. It is actually waterproof, so you can even go as far as to take a shower while wearing it and you will be dry on the inside. Of course when we say waterproof, we automatically think about less comfortable, less ventilation and an all-around burden to wear. Again, not true, and even thought the Rainmac is waterproof, it is very comfortable, flexible and mobile, so you can wear it just like a normal regular coat without having to endure all the nasty things that you would with any other waterproof garment. The lining is a very comfortable one, and the greatest thing about it, even though it is waterproof, it allows the skin to breathe without a problem, so you don’t have to worry about sweat building up inside it, or weird smells coming out of it after a certain time. It is graceful and elegant and it allows the wearer to enjoy it regardless of the environment, the crowd, or weather conditions. Indeed a coat that can both protect and serve no matter what conditions it is used under.
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