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Crombie Polo Shirt White

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Crombie Polo Shirt White

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100% cotton
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About this product
The secret to Crombie's superb polo shirts is in the cotton: fine, long-staple yarns are used to create a soft yet durable jersey that will hold its shape after repeated wear and washing. To achieve the attractive lustre as well as durability of this product, the cotton yarn is subjected to a traditional process known as Mercerisation - pioneered in England in the 1840s - which swells the cotton fibre's cell wall for improved appearance and strength of the final fabric. This is a reliable choice that will remain stylish for years to come.

• 100% Italian double mercerized cotton
• no visible logo
• Made in Italy
• mother of pearl buttons
More Information
A polo jersey that is great for leisure activities, vacations, traveling, or even at home or at the office. Strong, durable, made out of quality materials, causes absolutely no discomforts and can easily impose a new standard of comfort fir all of your clothes. What is the first thing that you look at when examining a piece of clothing? Is it the stitching? Is it the weaving? Is it all of the above? I know for sure that I check all of the above, not because of lack of things to do, but rather out of the desire of purchasing a quality garment once, rather than low quality ones multiple times. I personally like to believe that I am not the only one following this philosophy, and it is that desire that makes me analyze this garment right now. First off, the stitching is surprisingly strong, and it’s guaranteed to last a fairly long time before any damage can be done to it. No more unraveled stitches, no more coming apart at the seams and a lot of durability and strength to be considered there. The weaving is excellent and the quality of cotton along with the quantity of cotton used in the making of this polo jersey is intriguing. The cotton used is superior, to say the least, to all other similar products on the market and the feeling that you get when dawning it for the first time is incredible, like a fine yet easy bubble enveloping your torso. Interestingly enough, I look at one more element, that I am sure many overlook, the tag. It can be quite annoying when the tag scratches the back of your neck, or worse, when it itches. This tag, however, is easy on the skin and it goes unnoticed for the entire day. It is a comfortable and at the very least satisfying piece of garment, perfect for that leisure day, that vacation, those lazy days when you are enjoying yourself without a care in the world.
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