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Daniel Hanson Pyjama Blue for Woman

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Daniel Hanson Pyjama Blue for Woman

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100% cotton
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About this product
A lightweight cotton pyjama in a refined herringbone fabrication and charming details perfects this collection of luxurious night-time essentials. Tailored sleep shirts and pyjama sets evoke a timeless style that can be enjoyed year round.

• Classic herringbone styled pyjama
• Button down top with chest pocket
• Pants feature drawstring elastic waistband for optimum fit and comfort
• 100% lightweight cotton
• Made in England
More Information
This is a great set of pajamas that will ensure a good night’s sleep for the wearer as well as a comfortable experience, a clean one and a great following day as a result of the great sleep that the wearer had. Believe it or not, we spend about 1 third of our lives sleeping, and for good reason. Our brains are very complex organs, controlling everything that we do as well as certain body functions that are out of our reach. In order to make sure that the day will go well and the body functions within normal parameters, a good night’s sleep is essential for every single person in the world. It keeps us focused, helps us memorize things that we learn throughout the day, it allows us to concentrate and create, admire and think clearly, not to mention the fact that our overall mood is heavily impacted by how good we sleep at night. Sleep also influences our beauty, our genes and our overall development, therefore it is safe to say that sleep holds a very important place on our list of priorities. What we wear when we sleep plays a great art in the experience that we have while sleeping, and this great set of pajamas is able to provide you with that great night’s sleep that you desire and need. This set of pajamas is able to let the skin breathe and ensure that you will not sweat feel too warm while sleeping, not to mention the fact that lack of sweat means that you will stay hydrated throughout the night, therefore you will not be required to wake up in the middle of the night in order to get a drink of water. Another great thing that you can feel right away as soon as you dawn these pajamas is the fact that they smooth and easy on the skin, allowing you to feel a lot more comfortable and cozy while sleeping in your bed. The aspect of these pajamas don’t let it down either, and that great color scheme and pattern ensure that fact that you will wake up feeling not only well rested and joyful, but also fabulous.
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