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Daniel Hanson Silk Dressing Gown for Men

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Daniel Hanson Silk Dressing Gown for Men

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100% silk
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About this product
Classical stylish men’s dressing gown. Perfectly cut, soft and elegantly covering the body.

This silk dressing gown is able to incorporate both the elegance and seductiveness that silk offers with the overall comfort and ease that a dressing gown brings to the table. Designed for gentlemen of all ages, this dressing gown is sure to appeal and please every single person that tries it on.

• 100% Silk
• Medium size
• Perfect workmanship
• Unlined
• Blue Silk print
• Weight: 620g

More Information
What is the best thing about those lazy weekends? When all the problems of the world are, for 2 whole days, none of your concern? Being able to sit back, enjoy the calm breeze and take in the fresh air. That’s right, comfort and relaxation at their peak, the best things to have at your disposal while unwinding and relaxing. However, there is something else that can really take you on the edge and give you that distinctive feeling that only it can give you, and that is sensuality. A silk dressing gown is the thing that can get the flames started and while you are relaxing and unwinding, you can enjoy that masculine feeling of being a seductive and sexy beast. That extra dash of sprinkles on an ice cream, that extra spoon of cereal in your milk, that small thing that makes it just a little bit more special, this is what this silk dressing gown can bring to the table, and when it does, you will not regret it for a single second. This dressing gown may look like an ordinary dressing gown, however it is made out of the fines silk, woven with great care, ensuring a uniform pattern from start to finish and weaving in all that extra support and strength that silk provides. It is flexible yet strong, nimble yet durable, it is the best answer that you would want for that extra lazy 3 day weekend or that relaxing day off at home, reading the newspaper and being caressed by your special other.
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