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Daniel Hanson Silk Kimono for Woman blue

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Daniel Hanson Silk Kimono for Woman blue

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100% silk
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About this product
This is a dressing gown, designed and created in the simple kimono fashion, making it as strong and as durable as one, while keeping that kimono shape and allure.

This gorgeous kimono is perfect in every way. The loving design in conjunction with Daniel Hanson timeless style ensures well-being for all seasons.

• 100% Silk
• Medium size
• Basic colour blue
• Design with white daisies
• Net weight 1.1 kg

More Information
Don’t you just love cultural differences? There are so many things that we can learn from foreign cultures and possibly adapt and apply them to ours in order to improve our way of life. This is not exactly easy, and there are a lot of obstacles, especially from a social standpoint, however every now and again, there are a few small elements that breach those barriers and cross those bridges in order to make it safely into our culture. The kimono is one of those things and even though it might not be a great influence or a great game changer, it is still a prominent eastern cultural element which happens to be the showcase model for a lot of our clothes. Take this dressing gown for example, it is based off of the original kimono design, with a few minor adjustments here and there in order to make it a little more easy to wear around the house. In true eastern culture fashion, there are some elements that have not been changed, like the way and style in which it was weaved, ensuring the strongest bonds and the biggest level of durability that a garment can provide. The stitching is also done in a special fashion, resulting in extra-strong stitches that are made to last for at least a lifetime while under normal wearing conditions. This dressing gown will provide you with the extra comfort, support and protection that you need around the house, keeping you well protected against drafts, chills and other minor inconveniences that make life at home a bit tedious. There are a lot of great things that can be said regarding this dressing gown, and the best thing that you can do is buy it and see for yourself how great it actually is.
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