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Daniel Hanson Sleep Shirt White for Woman

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Daniel Hanson Sleep Shirt White for Woman

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100% cotton
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About this product
A lightweight cotton sleep shirt in a refined herringbone fabrication and charming details perfects this collection of luxurious night-time essentials. Tailored sleep shirts and pyjama sets evoke a timeless style that can be enjoyed year round.

• Classical herringbone styled sleep shirt
• Button-up neckline with Mother of Pearl buttons
• Chest pocket
• 100% lightweight cotton
• Made in England
More Information
An elegant nightshirt, woven in an intricate style, permitting the wearer to have that comfortable and cozy sleep that rests every aspect of both the mind and the body A great addition to all the wardrobes, along with the great advantage of a good night’s sleep. What is a nightshirt? To put it simply, it is far more than just a mere shirt worn during the night, it is a garment which must ensure that the wearer will be able to not only fall asleep in a comfortable manner, but also that the wearer’s sleep will not have to suffer from any factor that may come into play at any given time. A proper nightshirt must ensure that the wearer will not feel any drafts or chills while sleeping, that there will be no sweating thus no dehydration and no unnecessary trips to the kitchen for a glass of water, as well as the fact that the wearer’s body is kept dry and clean, and that the body oils secreted through the sweat will not cause the wearer to wake up in the morning feeling dirty. Indeed a nightshirt has some rather harsh standards to live up to and must meet some of the most stringent of criteria in order to be respected and take seriously, and this shirt manages to do just that. It not only brings all of the above to the table, but also a lot of strength and durability along with it. The weaving and the stitching are phenomenal, making it flexible as well as comfortable and durable, permitting it to be worn on any night, regardless of conditions and environments, while constantly ensuring the comfort and the quality of sleep for the wearer. There are far too little examples and far too scarce to even find in order to match them to this nightshirt, and there are a lot of reasons for this nightshirt to be part of your wardrobe, however none of those reasons are as important as the fact that it will ensure that good night’s sleep that you need in order to make each and every day a great one, and function as well as you can throughout the day.
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