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Dante Goods and Bads Seat El Santo Kilim

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Dante Goods and Bads Seat El Santo Kilim

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About this product
'El Santo Kilim' from Dante is a simple seat folded into shape using a flat piece of sturdy leather. The resulting shell, when fixed to its unusual metal base, appears left floating in the air. This unexpected take on the classic cantilever typology results in a spacious, comfortable seat.

• Height: 82.5 cm/32.5 in, Width: 78 cm/30.7 in, Depth: 57 cm/22.5 in
• Weight: 15 kg /30lb
• Authentic Leather Seat
• Frontside: Kilim in yellow tone
• Backside: creamy white with white border
• Base: powder-coated steel/white
• Design: Christophe de la Fontaine
More Information
This is a nifty armchair, easy to set up and transport, sporting a strong yet lightweight structure which allows the armchair to hold a distinctive half open shell shape, this providing great support for the person sitting in it. Most people tend to forget about being the king of the castle. In fact, most people forget to even consider their home a castle in the first place, and this usually leads to a lot of discomfort and stress stemming right from the root. Don’t worry, even though you might of have forgotten about the importance of your own home, El Santo Libre didn’t. This modern armchair is now available on the market in order to serve multiple purposes. Indeed, sitting and resting are the main reason for the existence of armchairs, however El Santo Libre is able to bring a lot more to the table. A discreet yet strong and durable structure holds everything together, while blending into the scenery away from the eyes of the critics, elegantly holding everything in place and allowing the armchair to keep its distinctive special shape. This special shape, which resembles a half open clam, is designed to offer the maximum level of support for your back, shoulders and legs, while allowing you to sit back and relax. The material that the armchair comes lined with is designed to be extra comfortable, giving you that slight warmth that you need. This is indeed a great piece of furniture for any elegant home, and any elegant people that just want to sit back and relax in as much comfort as they can. Don’t be fooled by the slim aspect of the armchair, it is actually very strong and durable, being able to support large body mass indexes and weight indexes. It’s great for the study, the living room, the office, even the outdoors if you so wish, and the elegant shape as well as the structure allow it to neatly blend into any surrounding and create any illusion that you want it to create.
size 75cm x 75cm x 35cm
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