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Deumer Cufflink ball

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Deumer Cufflink ball

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About this product
The cufflinks of the German manufacturer Deumer are crafted to such perfection, that they guarantee enjoyment for many generations to come.
Deumer strives for authenticity as a counter-concept to all mass consumption.

• Sterling silver
• Excellent workmanship
• Highest quality control
• Best of 'Made in Germany' Product
• Timeless design
More Information
A pair of cufflinks that match well with business and formal suits, bringing a fresh air of subtlety and elegance to the overall image of the wearer, and giving him the opportunity to look his best, as a real man should. Power, charisma, confidence, strength, stamina, endurance, these are the things that make a man what he is. That unique ability to weather any storm, ride out any catastrophe, stand your ground whatever the cost, this is the real cut of a man. As such, the man must be represented in a unique fashion. The image of a man must be complete at all times, immaculate and without a flaw, showing that the man is not only made for the worst, but also that he is ready for everything else. Ironically, it’s the littlest of things that make the biggest of men, those small little details that might seem almost invisible to the naked eye, but they still pack a mean punch, creating that sought after image of manliness. Take cufflinks for example, they are probably the most ignored accessory of all times, however they have a tremendous impact over the overall image of eh man, indicating that he also possesses good taste, a fashion sense, and a desire for elegance. Indeed, believe it or not, the man is built for these kind of things, and it is up to the man to decide if he wants to look like a man or not. These cufflinks ate the perfect example. They are small, simple in design, however when worn with a business or formal suit, they transmit a message. That message is a message of power, dignity, strength, respect and most important of all, a burning desire for more than he has at his disposal. Indeed, the power hungry male, the lion that takes over the entire jungle, this is what these cufflinks represent, and it is up to you to rise up to the challenge and wear your mane with pride and dignity. These cufflinks are that essential accent that your image needs in order to let the entire world know that there is a new lion on the prowl, ready to seize the day and seize the jungle.
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