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Deumer Cufflink oval with circumferential line in oceanblue

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Deumer Cufflink oval with circumferential line in oceanblue

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About this product
Cufflinks oval with circumferential line in oceanblue

The cufflinks of the German manufacturer Deumer are crafted to such perfection, that they guarantee enjoyment for many generations to come.
Deumer strives for authenticity as a counter-concept to all mass consumption.

• Sterling silver
• Excellent workmanship
• Inlays from various semi-precious stones or real glass-enamels
• Best of 'Made in Germany' Product
• Timeless design
More Information
These cufflinks are designed and built for one purpose, to complete the ensemble that is the man. Simple, small, subtle, but powerful and strong, always ready to shake the entire building off of its foundation in order to see his way through the end. People keep wondering “what make a man stand out from the crowd?”. There are a lot of things that one must do in order to achieve that, and there are a lot of things that one must take into consideration at least once before moving forward, but that is what a man is. A man is able to think and to act, but more importantly, to stand by his actions and choicer regardless of what others think. That is the man, the trend setter, the fighter, the defender, the caretaker, the provider, strength embodied into a shape that all can understand, the man. It is time for you to be your own driving force and your own engine, paving your way for your life, without allowing a single person to stand in your way. This is how you show the world that you are the captain of your own ship, through symbols of power, greatness and success. These cufflinks are but a start, the first nail, the first coat of paint. It’s small details like this one that set you apart from everyone else, and it’s the smallest of things that make the biggest of men. Sure, the design is simple it’s elegant through its subtlety, but that is exactly how a man is. Of few words, without any bells or whistles, but when it comes down to it, you know that man will get the job done, stand up to the challenge and accept it with his head held high. It is time to be that man, it is time to make everyone else understand that you are not a man, you are the man, and this is just the very first step on your way.
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