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 Deumer Cufflink Round Sterling Silver

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Deumer Cufflink Round Sterling Silver

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About this product
The cufflinks of the German manufacturer Deumer are crafted to such perfection, that they guarantee enjoyment for many generations to come.
Deumer strives for authenticity as a counter-concept to all mass consumption.

• Sterling silver
• Excellent workmanship
• Highest quality control
• Best of 'Made in Germany' Product
• Timeless design
More Information
A pair of cufflinks that remind us, not only about our duties as men, but also remind us of how important simplicity and elegance are to us. The perfect accents for those perfect suits, worn on those occasion when we want ourselves to look our very best. Being a man is not an easy thing. You have to be brave, strong, always willing to go the extra mile and stand tall and proud regardless of the outcome. As time goes by, our job as men becomes harder and harder, mostly due to the fact that time is changing the image of the man into a more feminine one with each passing day. Indeed, time is not our friend, however like every obstacle that we have faced before, we shall take this one head on, and the best way we can do it is the way that we did everything else, standing tall, proud and defiant in the face of adversity and hardship. The first step that we must take leads us in the direction of our own image. The man must be strong, tough, enduring and resilient, however he must also be elegant, proving to the rest of the world that he is indeed a cut above them, and nothing says it more clearly than the man’s attire. The way in which we dress, the clothes that we chose, the way in which we wear them and the accents that we choose to go with them are what makes out image tick. Cufflinks are a vital part of this. They serve us by making our presence that little bit more distinguished and elegant, and if you look closely at these cufflinks, you will see that they are particularly simple from a design point of view. This is because elegance, for us as men, means one thing and one thing only, simplicity. We don’t need any bells and whistles, intricate patterns or complex shapes. What we need is strong simple tools that can help us get the job done. These cufflinks reflect that, the simple yet strong, robust and sturdy image of the man, the real man, while at the same time bringing a welcomed dash of elegance, comfort and class.
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