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Deumer Cufflink Bar

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Deumer Cufflink Bar

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About this product
The cufflinks of the German manufacturer Deumer are crafted to such perfection, that they guarantee enjoyment for many generations to come.
Deumer strives for authenticity as a counter-concept to all mass consumption.

• Sterling silver
• Excellent workmanship
• Best of 'Made in Germany' Product
• Timeless design
More Information
This is probably one of the most important detail that can garnish a business or formal attire. This cufflink, although subtle and elegant, is able to complete that overall look that you are going for, giving you a much more powerful and commanding presence. What makes the cut of a man? Is it the way in which he speaks? Is it the way in which he walks? No. It is the power that he displays and the respect that he is able to command without even saying a word. This is what made them stand out, this is what made them become a cut above the rest, this is what drives us all to do our best to become them and even go at least one step further than they have. You might think that it takes special training a lifetime of devotion to this craft and a powerful background, however that is not the case. You might be surprised to know that most of these men started out with nothing, and have risen to these ranks on their own. So what is this thing that gives them this aura? The little things. Those small details that are almost invisible to the naked eye but powerful enough to cause this effect. The small trims, the details, the thing that you really have to look closely in order to notice, just like these cufflinks. These cufflink are discreet, subtle, yet powerful enough to compliment and complete the ensemble that is a business or formal suit. There is nothing complicated about them, no bells, no whistles, no sparkles, nothing but simplicity, elegance and power. That extra bit that makes all the difference in the world, putting you in front of everyone else in an instant and making your presence a rather commanding one. This is the secret to looking and feeling like the powerful men that roam this earth, paying attention to the little things, the details that make your overall image complete, giving you the tools and the charisma that you need in order to change the world.
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