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Deumer Silver Cufflink Oval Blue Iolith

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Deumer Silver Cufflink Oval Blue Iolith

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About this product
The cufflinks of the German manufacturer Deumer are crafted to such perfection, that they guarantee enjoyment for many generations to come.
Deumer strives for authenticity as a counter-concept to all mass consumption.

• Sterling silver
• Blue Iolith
• Excellent workmanship
• Inlays from various semi-precious stones or real glass-enamels
• Best of 'Made in Germany' Product
• Timeless design
More Information
A pair of cufflinks designed with only one thing in mind, simple and discreet elegance, for the man that values his overall looks just as much as he values his principals. This simple design is able to ensure a long lasting wave of elegance throughout your outfit with the minimum amount of effort. Elegance is often regarded as being one of the things that we strive for. People tend to think that living an elegant lifestyle means living a better life, or that elegant things are the ultimate things in life, and they are wrong. This whole conception about having to work hard for elegance, and having to spend each and every waking moment of your life trying to figure out what is the next step in elegance that you must take, is completely wrong. Elegance is something more than that, it’s something that must come naturally, it’s something that you feel, rather than think about. Most people aren’t even made to be elegant, they just try their best and work constantly at it, while other people have it in them. Those special few are able to look at an item, look at a piece of clothing, look at an accessory and say to themselves “this would look great on other people, but it would look elegant on me”, and they actually pull it off with no effort whatsoever. The question is “are you one of those people?”. Look at these cufflinks, look at their design, their color, their presence and try to ask yourself “how will they look on me?”. Somewhere in your wardrobe is that power suit, or that ultimate business suit, or that formal suit that would benefit from these cufflinks. That special outfit that would not only benefit from it, but also be able to make it virtually disappear in the overall ensemble, like it belongs there and has done so from the very beginning. This is what these cufflinks are all about, the pure elegance element, delivered in the simplest of forms.
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