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Giulia Barela Bronze Bracelet Clovers

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Giulia Barela Bronze Bracelet Clovers

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About this product
Giulia Barela Jewellery is for the woman who loves objects that have a story to tell. Culture, handed down craft and tradition determine this vivacious jewellery. This distinctive style, the return to the time-tested art of the goldsmith, and the use of unusual precious make it timeless and always ready to become part of the life of the woman who possesses it.
Every creation is entirely handcrafted in Italy, using renowned traditional artisanal techniques of high end jewellery. Therefore each piece maintains its own uniqueness.

• Bronze Cuff Braclet
• Handmade in Rome / Italy
• Designed by Giulia Barela
More Information
This is a rather elegant yes difficult bracelet to match to your attire. It will do its job and it will turn heads however it must be matched to perfection in order to do that. It was believe since ages past that jewellery and accessories brought good luck to the person wearing them, not to mention the fact that they warded off spirits, brought peace and harmony to the person, and also represented a certain status and a position of power. Ever since the ancient times, men and women alike have sought to improve their image using bracelets, among other things. Today, the bracelet has lost most of its charm and value in the social hierarchy, however there are still certain bracelets that not only attract attention to the wearer, but also add an air of importance and respect to the wearer’s presence. The Bracelet Clover is one of these bracelets, and believe it or not if matched correctly it can in fact draw a lot of attention to you and a lot of heads will turn your way. Don’t get me wrong, they are not easy to wear by any stretch of the imagination, however they are quite fancy and quite elegant at the same time. Unlike most bracelets, which you can match to each and every outfits you so desire, Clover requires some rather exquisite tastes and some advanced matching skills in order to make sure that the bracelet will complement your outfit and presence. IT is in fact a great bracelet, even though it comes with a certain degree of difficulty, and it will make you stand out properly if you do everything correctly.
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