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Giulia Barela Bronze Earrings Parenthesis

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Giulia Barela Bronze Earrings Parenthesis

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About this product
Giulia Barela Jewellery is for the woman who loves objects that have a story to tell. Culture, handed down craft and tradition determine this vivacious jewellery. This distinctive style, the return to the time-tested art of the goldsmith, and the use of unusual precious make it timeless and always ready to become part of the life of the woman who possesses it.
Every creation is entirely handcrafted in Italy, using renowned traditional artisanal techniques of high end jewellery. Therefore each piece maintains its own uniqueness.

• Bronze earrings
• Length 5.6 cm or 2,2"
• Weight: 28g
• Handmade in Rome / Italy
• Designed by Giulia Barela
More Information
This is a pair of earrings, rather simplistic yet at the same time elegant, which has been designed to look as old as an ancient relic, in order to compliment your very presence in the middle of the room. Life is the biggest race that you will ever take part in. You may be walking, you may be running, you may even be standing still, regardless of the way you move, there will always be obstacles that you will have to overcome. There may be big problems, there may be small issues, there may be catastrophes, regardless, you will still have to deal with each and every one of these mishaps, obstacles, hurdles, and sometimes, you will try and look for alternatives. Truth be told, brute strength and force of will are not always the correct tools for the job. Sometimes you just have to take it upon yourself to get creative and get a little bit on the clever side of things. Indeed loopholes have been around ever since humanity first thought of them, which believe it or not was a long time before recorded history. Some people call ti cheating, some people look at it in perverse and unwanted ways, however let’s face it, sometimes it is better to stretch certain things to your advantage. In this case, time in of itself, and the Parenthesis earrings by Giulia Barela is the perfect example. Their aspect is rather old, almost ancient from certain points of view, however that was exactly what the designer was looking for and from that point of view she succeeded. The idea behind this is the ultimate new versus the ultimate old, the duel and the battle between ages that will compliment your attire and make sure that you are looking stunning regardless of the outfit that you may chose, the setting that you may find yourself in or the occasion that you have been invited to. Indeed it is rather hard to picture it, but right after you put them on you find that not only are they really comfortable for earrings but they are also doing a fabulous job of attracting all the attention that you need and much more. All the admiration, all the eyes, all the attention, and all that because of a pair of earrings that tend to look a bit on the old side. Remember, some rules and some values are meant to be bent a bit in order to make sure that you are the one that comes out on top.
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