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Giulia Barela Bronze Necklace Rovo

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Giulia Barela Bronze Necklace Rovo

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About this product
Giulia Barela Jewellery is for the woman who loves objects that have a story to tell. Culture, handed down craft and tradition determine this vivacious jewellery. This distinctive style, the return to the time-tested art of the goldsmith, and the use of unusual precious make it timeless and always ready to become part of the life of the woman who possesses it.
Every creation is entirely handcrafted in Italy, using renowned traditional artisanal techniques of high end jewellery. Therefore each piece maintains its own uniqueness.

• Bronze necklace
• Length 49 cm or 19,3"
• Handmade in Rome / Italy
• Designed by Giulia Barela
More Information
This is a rather simple necklace, with a great story behind it. A story that continues to be told to this very day, and as long as this necklace is worn, the story will never stop. One glance at this beautiful necklace and one single word comes to mind, victory. For some reason, other than the fact that it manages to look a lot like the Olympic crowns of ancient times, the way in which this necklace is designed and the elements that adorn it make us think that not only does it have a story to tell, but also that the story itself is one about working your way to hardship and walking down that jagged road until it finally becomes smoothly paved, and you reach your destination. Indeed, if we are completely honest, we can admit the fact that some if not most of the stories out there are not pretty ones, and life in of itself is not all sunshine and rainbows, but rather a struggle, defined by some as natural selection at its finest, where only the strong make it while the weak feast on the scraps. Indeed power is greatly needed in order to climb, to survive, to make it and make sure you stay there, and in a lot of ways, this is what this necklace inspires. Indeed it may seem like a rather simplistic piece of jewellery, and that’s because it is, however often the simplest of things manage to tell the most intricate and complex stories. Just imagine this necklace around your neck, the feeling that it gives you when you look in the mirror, and ask yourself “Am I a victor? Do I deserve all the spoils?”, the look at the necklace again and it will confirm it for you.
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